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Adult Orthodontics – Milford, MA

Orthodontic Care Is Not Just for Kids

Advances in orthodontics over the years have made it possible for doctors to ensure treatment is more comfortable, effective and less noticeable. Many treatment options keep your appearance in mind, so there’s no reason to worry about making major sacrifices to your looks just to realign your teeth and bite as well as decrease the risk of future dental problems as you age. It doesn’t matter if you’re just graduating college, you’re a parent whose child has braces themselves, or you’re working full-time yourself in a professional environment, Simply Orthodontics Milford says it’s never too late to call and get started with adult orthodontics in Milford, MA!

Woman receiving adult orthodontics treatment

How Does Adult Treatment Compare to Children and Teens?

Orthodontist checking patient's adult orthodontics

While the biological process of shifting teeth is largely the same, the biggest difference is that adult teeth are no longer growing like children’s and teenager’s teeth do. For this reason, adult treatment may a little while longer due to how the oral structures of matured and solidified. Furthermore, any poor habits like using tobacco, medications that contain side effects that involve your oral health, and grinding or clenching of the teeth can negatively influence treatment. Additionally specialists may need to handle your concerns, especially if you have severe gum disease or endodontic problems. If you have crowns, you may still have orthodontic treatment completed (this includes Invisalign!)

What Orthodontic Treatments Should I Consider?

Model smile with clear braces on top teeth and metal braces on bottom teeth

Not including procedures specifically designed for young patients (like pediatric orthodontics), virtually all other treatments can be utilized by adults. For example, traditional braces are one of the most common treatments utilized, mainly because they are very effective at shifting even the most problematic teeth. Additionally, Invisalign is popular because it allows more freedom to eat more foods and practice oral care with ease. Self-ligating braces and clear/ceramic braces provide more comfort and aesthetic benefits respectively. When you arrive, we’ll break down the differences and purposes of all of these treatments with you directly, carefully weighing the pros and cons of each

What Should I Expect After Treatment Begins?

Woman sharing gorgeous smile after orthodontic treatment

After your orthodontics appliance has been placed, we’ll make sure to go over the most important steps for maintaining it. This includes how to avoid interruptions or dental emergencies as well as how often you’ll need to visit the orthodontic office (generally every one to two months depending on the service you choose.) With that in mind, it’s crucial that you continue visiting your general dentist for regular exams and cleanings. You’ll also need to follow a diet that is friendly to your orthodontic appliance, whether it’s metal braces, clear aligners, or another option.

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