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Orthodontic Appliances – Milford, MA

Customized Devices to Target Orthodontic Issues

Did you know that the field of orthodontics includes more treatments than just traditional braces and Invisalign? Especially when it comes to options for children, we can take advantage of various appliances, each of which has a unique way of managing dental issues. Are you unsure if you or your child could benefit from one of these orthodontic appliances to resolve an orthodontic problem? Reach out to our orthodontic office in Milford today to learn more!

Teen boy with orthodontic appliance smiling

Does My Child Need an Orthodontic Appliance?

Orthodontic appliances mainly treat developmental concerns, particularly in young children. That’s why we recommend that all children be brought to our office at age 7. At this point, we can determine various needs and potentially offer several options for treatment to customize each smile before they are done developing.



Retainers are essential following braces treatment for both kids and adults. Retainers hold the teeth in their new positions and stop them from drifting back, which is called relapse. A retainer can be either fixed or removeable and plays an important role in protecting your investment.

Space Maintainer

space maintainer

If their permanent teeth haven’t grown in yet, we can still tell whether your child will experience significant orthodontic issues. To make room for these teeth, we use space maintainers, which can be removable or fixed, to allow permanent teeth to erupt properly, potentially decreasing the time your child needs braces later on.

Herbst Appliance

Herbst appliance

For an overbite, this appliance works well for younger children whose jaw bones are still growing. A Herbst appliance creates healthier bite alignment by simultaneously shifting the lower jaw forward and the upper molars backward, allowing the rest of the upper jaw to be moved into proper alignment.

Twin Block Appliance

twin block appliance

This treatment actually consists of two appliances, one for each arch of teeth. When your child bites, the appliances are like puzzle pieces and retrain their jaw muscles to hold the lower jaw in a more forward position. Even though these appliances can be removed for easy cleaning, they should be worn full-time.

Palatal Expander

palatal expander

Before reaching skeletal maturity, your child’s oral cavity is relatively easy to manipulate. If their palate is too small or narrow, their teeth will become crowded in their mouth. A palatal expander opens up the palate by pressing on both sides of the arch, giving teeth ample space.

Spacer or Separators


For some orthodontic appliances, metal bands that attach the appliance into place surround an individual tooth (most of the time a molar). In many cases, we need a tiny bit of room for the metal band. We accomplish this by placing small rubber donuts, called spacers or separators, in between the molars.

Carriere Appliance

Carriere appliance

Although realigning front teeth is relatively simple, changes to molars can be more difficult. Before this appliance, treatment required bulky headgear. Now, we utilize the Carriere appliance to correctly align and preserve back teeth. Not only is this treatment effective, but it is also more subtle!

Tongue Crib

 tongue crib

When other methods of discouraging thumb sucking fail, a tongue crib can help your child stop this bad habit. The metal grate attaches near the front of the mouth on the upper palate, preventing suction. It also makes their tongue rest on the mouth floor, where it should be. This helps their oral development.



A bionator is another option for young children with an overbite. This appliance encourages the growth of the jawbone and can also widen the upper palate, meaning it should be used early on in orthodontic treatment.

Bite Plate

bite plate

Before we start traditional orthodontic treatment, we can use a bite plate when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. This appliance blocks the back teeth from touching, which means that the front teeth must chew, rather than the molars.

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