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Simply Orthodontics Milford Blog

Orthodontic Relapse: What It Is & How to Prevent It

August 31, 2021

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Young woman smiling while looking at teeth in mirror

Have your once-straight teeth drifted back into their previous position, even though you had braces in the past? This phenomenon is referred to as orthodontic relapse, and it can be extremely discouraging after investing your time and money on braces. The good news is that there are a few best practices you can follow to prevent it from happening to you. Keep reading to learn what they are!


Can You Play a Musical Instrument with Braces?

May 18, 2021

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Closeup of person with braces in Milton playing the trumpet

From eating and brushing to smiling and talking, traditional braces will certainly impact many aspects of your day-to-day life. One common concern for orthodontic patients, particularly those still in school, is whether their new orthodontics will hinder their ability to play a musical instrument. Thankfully, if you play the trumpet, flute, oboe, trombone, or any other instrument involving the mouth, you don’t have to stop playing on your journey to a straighter smile! However, you will need to go through a slight adjustment period. Here are some tips that will help you play musical instruments with braces.


7 Ways to make Wearing Braces Fun for Your Child

April 7, 2021

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Child smiles thanks to tips to make wearing braces fun

If your child has crooked teeth or bite problems, an orthodontic treatment like braces is a great way to set them up for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. But in the meantime, with all the metal wires and brackets, diet restrictions, and new rules, they may not be too thrilled about the process. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can help make wearing braces fun for your child! Read on as we cover seven easy ways to encourage your little one to enjoy the process of straightening their smile.


3 Important Tips for Kissing with Braces This Valentine’s Day

February 7, 2021

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Smiling girl with braces in Milford holding a paper heart valentine

Before starting your orthodontic treatment, you knew that wearing braces would require some changes to your everyday lifestyle. You knew you’d have to make adjustments to things like what you ate and how you brushed. But now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, you realize that you haven’t prepared for kissing with braces! Don’t worry — you don’t have to give up romance while you’re straightening your smile. Just keep these three important tips in mind to make kissing your valentine a pleasant experience for you both.


Can Improving Your Posture Improve Your Bite Alignment?

January 4, 2021

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Woman corrects her posture after visiting Milford orthodontist

Whether you’re an adult with a sore back from sitting on the couch too long or a kid being reminded by your parents not to slouch over your phone, it’s common knowledge that good posture is important. Sitting and standing up straight is better for our backs and helps make us look more professional. However, many people don’t realize that their posture can play a key role in their bite alignment as well. Read on as your local orthodontist explains the connection between your spine and your jaws as well as what you can do to keep both healthy.


Festive Rubber Band Colors & Other Holiday Tips for Braces

December 12, 2020

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Smiling woman with braces in Milford in Santa hat

Are you ready to enjoy the holidays? As you bake sugar cookies, put up your seasonal decorations, and shop for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget about your smile! Customizing and caring for your braces is an excellent way to show off your festive spirit! Here are a few tips to help your smile look and feel its best throughout the holiday season.


Signs That Your Child Needs Braces

November 7, 2020

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young girl smiles after visiting her Milford pediatric dentist

More than 3.5 million kids start braces every year, so you probably won’t be all that surprised if your child’s dentist tells you your little one needs them as well one day. However, they may recommend it much sooner than you think! In fact, your Milford pediatric dentist may encourage you to take your son or daughter to an orthodontist even while they still have some baby teeth! While this may seem too young, early detection and intervention for orthodontic issues can save you and your child a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. Read on to find out how as well as signs that could mean your little one needs braces.

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